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Leveraging industry expertise and technology-driven solutions, we optimize your revenue cycle, freeing healthcare providers to prioritize patient care. Benefit from enhanced reimbursement, reduced denials, and streamlined processes by outsourcing Medical Coding and Billing to us. Experience scalable services and rapid turnaround for a transformed healthcare revenue cycle.
Front-end Revenue Cycle Service

Front-end Revenue Cycle Service

Mid-Revenue Cycle Service

Mid-Revenue Cycle Service

Back-end Revenue Cycle Service

Back-end Revenue Cycle Service

Risk Adjustment HCC Coding Service

Risk Adjustment HCC Coding Service

About company

High Care is a thriving RCM services company.

We offer streamlined revenue cycle services to healthcare institutions, aiming to improve their clinical and financial outcomes. We are adapting to industry changes and leveraging technology for exceptional revenue cycle results. Our highly skilled and experienced team of Medical coding and billing specialists provides tailored solutions to organizations of all sizes and types, including Hospitals and health systems, Medical billing companies, Small practices, and more. We work as an extension of our clients’ teams to help them achieve their goals.



Our commitment extends to round-the-clock support. Our dedicated account managers work around your hours, promptly addressing concerns and inquiries. Experience 24/7 reliability and assistance.


We rigorously follow federal and state regulations for patient data privacy. Our multi-layer security shields information, while leading tech and best practices maintain data integrity and confidentiality.


We utilize cutting-edge technology, robust hardware, secure networks, and strict access controls to guarantee top-notch service quality and data safety across physical, administrative, and technical aspects.


Every step of our work progress will be updated in software, our clients can be access it at any point. Detailed, customizable reports are provided, allowing clients to track workflow regularly.


At High Care, we're committed to safeguarding individuals' health information as mandated by HIPAA regulations. We conduct a compliance training program for all our employees to enable the privacy, security, and confidentiality of patient data. We perform internal audits to validate our compliance with HIPAA and HITECH regulations, and we stay up-to-date on regular policy changes. Our IT team is developing and implementing the Physical, Administrative, and Technical safeguards for the protection of ePHI. Trust us to maintain unwavering HIPAA compliance and ensure your data's protection.
Company benefits

We inspire & help our healthcare clients



We inspire and support our clients including healthcare providers and payers in achieving their best through tailored solutions and dedicated guidance.

Certified Experts

Certified and skilled medical coding and billing professionals


Providing guidance to navigate the complex RCM processes


Stay up-to-date with the healthcare regulations and coding guidelines


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